CV attorneys have a very professional (but personal), candid and insightful method of addressing issues and a basic, common sense way of explaining the complexities inherent to the law, in various jurisdictions. Although we use other attorneys in Kenya and Mauritius, our first point of departure is CV Attorneys from Somerset West, South Africa.

We honour your knowledge, sensitivity and ethics, and will certainly refer others to CV attorneys. We cannot express our gratitude for your knowledge, solid advice and continued support! We certainly will walk the future with CV attorneys, always by our side. From the minute we called CV attorneys and received our first advice, we knew we were in good hands. We highly recommend CV attorneys to others we believe have the same values and beliefs as our company, CV Attorneys are fair and honest.

"We had the pleasure of using CV attorneys 3 years ago - We found them to be professional, bright, and most importantly, compassionate and committed to the rights of his client. I have known Christo for better than 7 years and know him to be a tireless champion of the rights of his clients. His gentlemanly demeanour and easy-going style make it easy for clients. This demeanour, however, cannot completely hide the fact that Christo is a fierce attorney for his clients, and his results in trial speak volumes. I did not hesitate a second when considering this endorsement." Christo is an attorney of tomorrow, today. He's the kind of attorney who can make rain shine. Totally client focused with an aptitude to make you feel like the most special and important person in the world. Christo reaches out and touches you where it matters most – in your mind and heart. He builds a relationship with you fast, to last; seemingly effortlessly - it's his human nature and star quality.

"Having employed the services of Christo Veldsman as my attorney since 2010, for both business and personal matters, I have had nothing but pleasant dealings and exceptional legal advice. It is comforting to know that I have a legal team on board to assist with any matters that may arise. I would have no hesitation in recommending CVA attorneys to any of my friends and colleagues." -Stuart Mailer

Dear Mr Veldsman,
Please allow me the following personal opinion regarding your Company. CV Attorneys have dealt with numerous cases of mine and without exception I received the same treatment from you and your personnel. Mr Veldsman, the way you and your Staff treated me is very professional and yet you make me feel like we are family. In the modern world us (the Public) hate dealing with Lawyers, because they make us feel like the criminals and just someone to fill their bank accounts. Mr Veldsman, I must congratulate you and your Super Team, in being transparent with me in every transaction, call you made and email you sent me. The positive energy you and your Company send out makes me feel at home. Mr Veldsman, I want to thank you for your Speedy, Professional Service and the fact that, without exception, the result I wanted, was the result you produced. All of this was accompanied with an invoice that was more than fair!!! My promise to YOU Mr Veldsman: If you continue delivering this Extra Ordinary Service to your Clients, you will have me as your Client till I die. Kind regards, Pierre Booyse




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